Thursday, November 5, 2009


Here's a picture of the south yard from this morning (bigger if you click on it, in case anyone wants to look at it closer). I did get some snow last night that only whitened the upper mountain. You can see where I want to put the raised beds, just past the Macintosh apple tree. There is a rocky spine right at the far end of the wood pieces, and looking at it from here, one can see it's higher than the surrounding ground (the high spot of the whole yard, in fact). Just past the raised beds is where I want to put a small orchard of maybe 6-12 trees.

As recently as three weeks ago, the pine trees I had pushed down were here, and there was a 250 square foot brushy, thorny area here too. The loggers took the pines (yay), and a neighbor scraped down the brushy thorns. I was hoping it would smooth this area enough to prep it for the orchard, but it's obvious more work needs to be done. Stumps and rocks need to be moved, and the whole thing needs to be graded to be smoother.

On another note, both dogs disappeared for two hours this morning after breakfast, on a jaunt of some sort, way outside the fence. I gave one of the loggers the wire I got the other day, and he says he'll put it out today. What will happen is that this new wire will effectively jumper out the logging area and make it so the dog fence can be electrified all the time again.


  1. I'm sorry Jordan...I know I asked questions about your where abouts that were probably too close to home...and likewise, I'm sure I give our more info on my whereabouts than I should. Was this a poster or a friend? I think you have the option to delete this after you read it and go ahead. I like to know about my 'bloggy friends' and I guess I ask them too many questions. Good grief, I invited myself and some of my friends over. I taught a little workshop on blogspot blogging at my library a week ago and I told them that you could block comments from posting or make the blog private by invitation only, but I hadn't had any problems with it...then I started to think, if my ex-husband got on here, he could make me want to block comments and make it private. Although for the most part, things he says or does are not public knowledge.
    I post pictures of my kids with their real names, too. isn't it an awful place to live when you shouldn't do what we've done in the way of friendship? I guess I watch enough CSI shows to know that anyone can find out anything at anytime. So go ahead and delete anything I've written in the comments that asks for or gives TMI.

  2. Oh Karen Sue, don't be sorry for being enthusiastic! I like the public comments, I just need to be more careful about my personal information! Thanks! Jordan