Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raised Beds - Progress Stops for Now

The logger-boss is having a friend come over next week with something that will smooth out this whole area south of the house. He suggested that I hold off on finishing the raised beds and the guy can flatten that area too. That big rock is on the edge of a circular area that formerly housed a swimming pool. A depression surrounded by a round ridge, you can see the pattern of green. Next week, I'm hoping all of that will be flat(ter), and the big rock will be moved about 15 feet farther back to sit with some other rocky friends. The stumps I've been avoiding for months and the rocky mess - all smooth and ready for the orchard to be planted next spring (a year or two earlier than I had planned).

By the way. I know it looks like there will be 4 raised beds, but the second from the right is a figment of your imagination. A too-tall rock (about 12 inches high x 3 ft diameter) is in that space. I think I'll put two 4 x 5 beds in that place (instead of one 4x12) and make them three courses high, covering that rock with maybe 12-15 inches of dirt. One of those 4x5 beds is slated for basil - only basil. Lots of it.

The wood you see is for two beds, two courses high. Not four beds as it appears. But hey, two 4x12 beds plus two 4x5 beds = 116 square feet. More than enough to start with, especially for one person. And I might possibly, finally have enough basil.


  1. I've never been an herb user. I'm a recipe follower, like my mom. I'd like to experiment a bit more with herbs...perhaps growing some next summer and actually USING them, too. Is basil where you would start? what is your favorite use of basil? Thinking I could do herbs in pots on my lower deck next summer. What other herbs would you grow and why/what for?? thanks for your help :o)

  2. I use basil to make pesto. Then you put pesto on pasta, bread, tomatoes, lots of stuff. I had 2 basil plants this year, which isn't enough. I really need 12-15 plants to do it right. Then when you harvest some from each plant, there's enough to make pesto. I also have rosemary, oregano, thyme and mint. Next year I'll put in sage for roasting rubs and you can also put it in tea. Italian herb mix from the bottle is thyme, oregano and some other things I don't remember now. Rosemary smells great when you rub the needles.