Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I found a use for the extra four bales of hay I didn't need for the front of the house.  Windbreak!  The winter wind screams up the hill and beats the west side of the house (and me) into submission.  Last winter and spring, I came up with the idea of eventually building a rock wall to create a quiet space just south of the house (and maybe turn this area into a patio).  Here's a good way to cheaply test that concept.


  1. Love your hammock still up. Hope springs eternal? ;o)

  2. It was REALLY nice the weekend before last so I took it out. I guess optimism is why it's still up. Plus, it had to dry out from the rain last weekend...

  3. good place to try a wind block...and you can experiment a big with how big it needs to be to do the job...if you have it too high, you can't see over it...does that matter??...if it is too low, will it block enough? wide do I want it to be?...