Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cherry Tree ID

These pictures are for my friend Linda, the botanist (and anyone else with tree wisdom) to see if bark and leaf pics help to identify these trees.

It's hard to get a sense of scale - the tree trunk is probably 2-3 inches diameter.


  1. I'm certain it's a Prunus, just a matter of what kind. May be a cherry, especially because of that glossy bark with the white dots, but it could also be a plum of some kind. Most cherry trees get taller than these little guys, but there is a dwarfy-shrubby kind called Nanking cherry that is pretty small.

    I thought it was interesting that there was fruit on them in the fall (is that right? That's what it seemed like). That's what's making me think maybe it's not a cherry but a plum.

    How fun to have these little botanical mysteries unfolding. Do you have fireflies yet?

  2. Yes, it had fruit on Sept 20 last year when I first saw this house. Although I live at 1800 feet (nothing for you, high desert person), so this may be equivalent to end of August at the Hudson River elevation of 200 ft.

    The fireflies started a week or so ago. Do you have them at all? My sister in Oregon doesn't have them, so her daughters had a ball when they came east and saw their first fireflies a few summers ago.

  3. The fireflies are out here in northeastern Minnesota - have been for just over a week. They seem early, though: last year I didn't see the first one until July 1st!