Friday, June 26, 2009

Morning Walk Around the Yard

I think these are (will be) elderberries.

The highbush blueberries are getting bigger, but are still green. I think they'll be ripe around the end of July, beginning of August.

The apples are getting bigger too, and most of them have these 2 brown dots on them. Could it be a bug that goes in and out? As I explore my property, I keep finding apple trees. I'm up to about 10 now in various places, spread apart. The only tree that's making any number of apples is the one in the middle of the yard, west of the house. Maybe apple trees need to be near other apple trees for fertilization?


  1. "Maybe apple trees need to be near other apple trees for fertilization?"

    Or, instead of fertilization, for pollination? ;) We knew what you meant!

    That picture of the green blueberries (?!) is beautiful! What kind of camera do you use, may I ask?

    I envy you your exploratory walks around your old homestead: so many neat, wonderful things to find!

  2. I use a Canon Powershot that I got a few years ago. It fits into my purse, has a moderate zoom, but also has a macro mode for extreme close up shooting.