Sunday, June 14, 2009


There's a ton of these little guys around, maybe 2 inches long. I have to watch if I don't want to step on one.


  1. Eastern newt it is.
    They can live 12-15 years in the wild - wow!!

    Hey - you are a posting mad woman! I'm enjoying reading them. My heart almost broke when I read you post about winter, though.

    My doggie day care is $18, and I take Sal once a week.

  2. The cool thing is that I'll never have another winter as hard as that one. Maggie isn't going to un-potty train herself and I know how to use the stove now. AND, I learned that I'm stronger than I thought. I should just suck it up and take Maggie - she needs it. It's $30 here, and I hesitate to leave Desmond alone all day. A neighbor down the street brings his dog up a couple times a week, but it's a tough walk from his place 1/2 mile away and 200 feet down.