Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No More Clearing this Year

I think I'm going to lay off on clearing any more of the property this year. After the iris incident last weekend and the peony incident a few weeks ago, I think I've cleared plenty of things I shouldn't have because I didn't know what they are. The best thing would have been to spend the first year observing the ebb and flow, and identify what's here before I started clearing things out.

Lesson learned late, but there's still a few plants left I haven't cut down!

Of course some big clearing happened on Monday...

Check out the big Cat, and note the area of dirt behind it that used to be a big red pine. Also, you can't see the 6 large spruces in the back anymore (because they're down now), plus 9 other large red pines out of the frame of the shot. Sixteen trees altogether. All these big evergreens were on the south side of the house, and blocked the winter sun when I needed it the most.

You can see that I have a nice new rock now that was underground last week, courtesy of the excavator, and you can also barely see Maggie, one of my black dogs in the lower right hand corner of the shot.

It's amazing how different the south yard looks without those trees! It's very uneven - I think I'll have to have some grading done to smooth it out. I have plans for those red pine trees that involve using them as flooring. We'll see how that works out...

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