Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things we found in the pit

The last tree of the 16 was the closest to the house, so Barry the excavator dug a hole on the away side to make sure the tree would incline away from the house as it fell.

As he was digging that pit he unearthed that nice rock you see in front of the Cat (my new favorite rock - I'll call it table rock). That's the first thing we found in the pit.

After the tree went down and before he started to clean up the area, I noticed a bunch of man-made stuff. Mostly beer cans, but some other stuff too.

Barry didn't like working my property much. He says I've got no topsoil, only rock. Every time he went in, he'd hit a rock, bone-jarring all the way up his spine.

Here are some things we found. The left jar says NoxZema on the bottom, going to the right, Bryce's First Prize Beverages, West Troy Pottery 2, Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of This Bottle (the pint bottle), Liquid Detergent, and last but not least, Schafer's Beer. All of it is on the best find of all. The rock.

I was looking for a million dollars, but no such luck.

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  1. When we moved to our first property here in Minnesota 35+ years ago, one of the seven kids that had been raised on our homestead (in the early 1900s) stopped by and told us a story of a "crazy relative" that had supposedly buried a box of gold coins on the property. He asked if we would mind if he would come out with a metal detector and see if he could find it. Of course, no million dollars for him either!

    P.S. I like your rock.