Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Just Picked All of These

I'm waiting for my aunts and uncles to come over for lunch. They're having a ball this week exploring old haunts since they grew up within 2 hours of here. Right now they're in Altamont looking at something or other, and I'm relaxing at the computer with you because I had things to do this morning.

Here's a look at what I picked today.

I know the peonies and the irises, and the chives. Not sure about the rest. Hawkweed, I think, and some sort of rose, and some sort of pea (just the leaves). I have no idea what the tiny white flowers are, or the four-leaved purple things. Or the white flowers in the next picture are.

The cool thing is that even if I don't identify them, they'll still come back next year!


  1. The tiny white flowers look like they could be Baby's Breath.

    We gonna get pictures of the Tea Party under the tree?

  2. No pictures of the tea party, unfortunately. It was raining while they were here, so I scrambled to make accomodations inside for lunch. They visited for about an hour and then left. Oh well, maybe next time.