Sunday, June 14, 2009

Maggie and the Apple Tree

This time last week this apple tree would have been in shade now. This past Monday I had 16 big pine and spruce trees taken down.
I asked the excavator to save this tree if he could, but if he couldn't, I'd understand. He did a great job avoiding this tree, mostly (the downhill side is lighter than it was). It was very close to those old pines. (He also saved 6 small cherry trees that were even closer to the spruces, but that's another picture.)
Now that it's the only tree left to provide shade on the western side of the house, I am appreciating it more. Next week when my aunts and uncles are here for lunch, we may sit under it's branches. I wonder how many times people have sheltered themselves under this tree in the 200 years people have been living in this house (even though this tree is definitely not 200 years old, there is evidence that another tree was nearby).


  1. We'll all look forward to seeing a picture posted of you and your aunts and uncles (ladies in flowing dresses and large hats, men in tight collars and bowlers) lunching under this lovely tree. ;o)

    P.S. I have a devil of a time posting comments to your blog. I keep getting "rejected" and having to enter the info 2 or 3 times before it will go through. Anybody else having that trouble?

  2. OK, I changed it so that anyone can post but left the word picture in. Hopefully that will make it easier...