Monday, June 22, 2009


My tomato plants are blossoming already! While this makes me happy, I wonder if I should be pinching off the blossoms. You see, these plants are still very short, maybe a foot tall. I can't imagine very many tomatoes would fit on this little thing. It doesn't even reach the first rung of the tomato cages.
Should I leave it to its natural ways, or should I pinch off the blossoms so it can grow a little taller? Tomato experts?


  1. If you don't pinch off the tomato blossom, the plant will still keep on growing taller/bigger. Taking the blossom off would probably encourage more strength to go to the plant rather than sending the energy into producing the tomato. But what do we want here? Lush, huge foilage and no tomatoes or red, ripe orbs of beautiful fruit? Your plant looks so healthy I sure wouldn't hesitate to leave the blossom right there to keep growing.

    P.S. You should take into consideration that the above advice was given by someone who can't grow a full-sized tomato in her garden to save her life.

  2. It's true - I want red ripe orbs! I personally don't care if they're on short little plants! I'll bet even if you have little tomatoes, they still taste good!