Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cooper and Atticus

The neighbor dogs come over every so often, and when they do, Maggie goes a little bit nuts (their mom is a part-time resident on the street). Maggie doesn't see other dogs very often (Desmond, my older dog won't play with her). She gets so excited and is so overwhelming that the other dogs don't stick around long.

It's a little sad for me to watch. There's an invisible fence at the end of my driveway, so she can't follow. Every time I see this, I resolve to take Maggie to doggy day care where she can run with other dogs. (Thanks Linda for the idea.) Of course it's not that simple, mostly because doggy day care is hugely expensive, the hours aren't convenient, and it's tremendously out of my way. Excuses, I know.

Maggie is an unknown mix of mutt-hood rescue dog. Apparently though, there's a little bit of Lab or some other water dog in there. This recurring puddle is as close as I have to water, so she takes advantage of it.


  1. Maggie probably gets more companionship from Desmond than you realize. And I'll bet you play with her a lot, too. Even though she doesn't have a young dog to frolick with, there will probably be one "down the road" in her future. And think of the WONDERFUL life you've given her already!

  2. It's true she does have a pretty good life, including dog companionship. When the weather's nice, she can run and play outside all day. I tend to focus on how I'm being a bad mommy, but she does have it pretty good! Thanks for that.