Monday, July 6, 2009

Ground Covered with Flowers

I went to visit the upper blueberry hill to see how the blueberries are doing, and was surprised to see the ground covered with flowers.

I think these are Dewberries, either swamp or northern. Likely swamp dewberries. Wikipedia says they're not tasty, but a dull blue dye can be made from the berries. I think I may try that when the berries ripen. Lord knows I have plenty of white fiber just waiting for dye experiments.

Here's another shot of the dewberries.

The blueberries are still small and very green. Elderberry blossoms are just opening up. It looks to be several weeks before these ripen, minimum.

On another note: there is only one cucumber plant left, of six planted in the bed next to the house. After the first two went, my mother put cages of chicken wire around the remaining four. Then another two went, and my mother put plastic plant pots with the bottom cut out around the two left, over the chicken wire. Then yesterday mid-day something took one more. Now there's only one man standing and I fear it's a goner. The predator isn't taking the leaves, just snipping them off. I think it's trying to drag the leaves through the holes in the chicken wire. It's gotta be something small, maybe a mouse?

I hope it doesn't go for the cantaloupe or honeydew melon plants. I only have one of each!


  1. Try putting mousetraps around the base of your plant. You might not actually catch the culprit, but maybe the SNAP! will provide enough of an 'ouch' to deter 'em!

    Chicken Mama

  2. I'd vote for chipmunks. Those little bastards have stolen many a bulb out of my yard, and love to dig dirt out of my patio pots. And no, I have no idea how to catch them.

    Great blog, by the way - I love hearing what you're up to!