Thursday, July 30, 2009


We had about 6 inches of rain yesterday evening, causing some roads in the area to wash out (including a road between Albany and Pittsfield, MA that I sometimes use for my commute).
I woke up this morning to a major lake in the yard (I forgot my camera at work, so this is an old shot of this same lake. ) There are several inches more water now. All of the grass closest to me is underwater now. BTW - all the red pines you see here are gone, gone, gone. The house will see more sun this winter than in the past because these trees are down. Yay for that.

The lake this morning was much higher than in this picture. I see that my driveway trenches have an unintended consequence. This lake is draining through the trench to the driveway, then through the trench on the other side of the driveway into the front yard. I'm OK with that for now. It's pretty rare to get 6 inches of rain in a few hours, so this wouldn't happen very often. Plus, in that system, the driveway-center is the high spot, so this lake won't empty much farther before the high spot dries out.

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