Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Uncanny

All day while I'm at work, I gaze from my overly air-conditioned space out the window at sunny, warm niceness outside. I plan what I'm going to do when I get home. Yesterday I was going to take a hammer to the truck and .... fix it. I wanted to use the truck today, so I could buy raised bed materials and take a shot at building the raised beds this weekend.

Then I get to the gas station 7 miles from my house and watch the dark clouds gathering while I put gas in the car. As I get to within 3 miles from home, the sky lets loose, thunder, rain, all the wet noisy stuff that guarantees I'll get soaked and dirty as Maggie jumps on me glad that I'm home while we're both standing in the rain.

This is probably the 5th time this has happened this summer. It rained until it got too dark to do anything anyway, then cleared up for a beautiful after-sunset glow.

On the good side, parts of this area got tennis-ball-sized hail. I'm very glad not to have gotten that. And the plants were looking for some water. So it's not all bad - and the raised beds didn't need to be built this weekend anyway. My new plans involve hopping back onto that chainsaw and getting some more wood cut and split. Also removing the old raised-bed wood, so when Barry the excavator comes back to brush hog and smooth, he can do the area where the old raised beds were. If I do this right, I won't leave the homestead all weekend, except once, to get pizza from the local fire department's monthly fundraiser. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Darn that weather! Hope you got lots done today. Good for you to support the local fundraisers.