Friday, July 10, 2009

Woodshed Roof

Last week's repairs to the woodshed roof only half-worked. We had a few heavy thunderstorms come through this week and here you can see it enthusiastically raining inside the woodshed, despite the new flashing I had put up outside.

I also found out (by standing in the shed during the storm and watching the water come in), that even though the repairs partially worked, they didn't keep the water out of the shed. Now rain falls off the roof onto the ground in front, and comes in through (actually under) the front door! Like it was invited or something. Before the repairs, the rain just came right in through the roof.

It ends up in the same place though - on the floor - frozen in the winter. Just waiting for me to slip and fall. Water gets into the cracks and then expands and bad things happen over time. Actually, only part of the floor is concrete. It's mostly dirt.

I guess I'll have to get back on the roof, add flashing and do some other stuff I haven't figured out yet. Also see if I can stop the water from coming in the front door. (Rescind the invitation - go home water!)

Observant folks might notice that in the first picture the leftmost 2 x 4 is unsupported. The support for the right-hand piece is resting on a piece of cut wood on the floor. This whole structure is falling down slowly (held up by that chain with the screwdriver in it). I basically want to spend the minimum effort to keep the wood semi-dry this winter, and make rebuilding this shed a project for the next year or so. Hopefully I can expand it a bit and park the ATV and lawn tractor in here too! Oh, the possibilities, if only it would stop raining!

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