Thursday, July 16, 2009


I had a bit of diverting summer fun last night - monster trucks at the local speedway! It was noisy, fried dough with sugar kind of entertainment with lots of banged up bouncy trucks in various stages of upside-down. And kids.
On another truck note, my real truck that I drive sometimes didn't start yesterday morning. As in no sounds when I turned the key. I didn't have time to mess with it, but thinking that it was the battery, I bought a new one. (Even if it wasn't the battery, having an extra one around isn't such a bad thing.) My neighbor happened to be walking by with his dog and helped me replace the battery and .... interesting things happened when he contacted the new battery with the cables. The truck started! This is interesting because the keys were sitting on the seat - ie, it started without keys! This is pretty funky in my book.
I called the shop today to make an appt to get the truck towed in, but according to the shop owner it's not necessary. I quote, "Take a hammer and go under the right side to find the starter. Hit it with the hammer - not too hard. That should unstick the starter and you should be fine." How homestead-y!


  1. Monster trucks, huh? Gosh, girl, you know how to have fun.

    Oh, and can I have the number of your mechanic? I think I like his diagnosing the problem and going straight to the remedy (I've got a hammer) without you having to even take the car to the shop!

  2. He definitely wasn't looking for work, that one! They're very busy, so I'm hoping that means he's good.