Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Rocks

Today I moved rocks.

Just kidding. I'll move rocks when it's cold and I need to do something to warm up. These have been here for quite a long time. Exhibit 1: the tree growing through this wall.

I hear rocks are the only reliable crop at some New England farms. Each year the earth sends up more and farmers have to pick them from the fields. Just like a real harvest.

What I really did today in honor of it being the first all-sunny weekend day this summer was:
- walk in the grass in my bare feet
- lay in the hammock and read
- look at the shapes in the clouds
- take a long nap in the hammock.

In other words - I did nothing today. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight and will be tired tomorrow, but I don't care. It appears that sunny weekend days are rare here, so I should enjoy them when they're here!

Yesterday was the warmest it's been all year on the mountain - 79 degrees.

I think looking for shapes in the clouds is a skill I lost when I grew up. I should practice this skill more often!


  1. What a coincidence! I just came in from a nap in the hammock. (I think it was my second time in it this summer . . . boo!) Looking for shapes in the clouds is a skill we ALL should practice more often. Here's to the lost skill of "doing nothing."

  2. Yayy for you! Yes, we ALL need to lay and find shapes in the clouds more often!

    And, rocks are a very reliable crop here in northeastern MN, too: they come up faithfully every single spring!

    P.S. Your 'subscribe to comments' button seems to be gone. I miss it!

  3. P.S. The 'subscribe to comments' option popped up AFTER I made my post. I'll keep my eyes open for it to appear then.