Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spinning Success

I did get to the knitting guild on Friday afternoon. (Did I mention how amazed I am that this group is only a 10-minute drive away? There is *nothing* around here within 10 minutes.)

There were maybe 10 ladies there, 5 spinning and several knitting, embroidering, and other things I didn't notice. There was even another spinning wheel just like mine! The ladies came from all over, west towards Albany, east from Massachusetts, and even Vermont.

They were extremely helpful - instantly diagnosed that I had too much tension in both places where tension can be adjusted (on the wheel). Then one person stayed with me for maybe an hour, coaching me through long draw spinning and watching as I practiced. I think I got misty-eyed. It's such a revelation to be able to do this right after so many months of unsuccessfully struggling with it. I've been practicing too. Now it's easy, and something I can do every evening.

Then yesterday I "fixed" the woodshed roof with a band aid, paperclip, duct tape MacGyver type solution that will hopefully keep it from leaking until I can afford to get it rebuilt in a year or two. And this morning I cut more wood up the hill with the newly sharpened chainsaw chain. Like butter. Now I'm going to relax, since it's finally sunny after a month of rain. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend all!

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  1. Yea!! That is so great that they meet so close to your house - a sign, perhaps? Hopefully it will be something that you can do for relaxation. Are you going to learn to knit or crochet, among all your other newly-acquired skills?

    Yea for sun and a bit a relaxation, too. I'm gathering that homesteading is a bit like grad school, where, no matter what you are tending to, there is always a project list that you could be working on.