Monday, July 20, 2009

This is What I carried to Work this Morning

1. Some flowers to brighten up my desk.
2. The chainsaw, because I stopped at the hardware on the way to work. (The two replacement chains I bought last week ** Today I learned that somehow Ace sold me a chainsaw for which they do not carry chains. I also learned that this stoopid chainsaw is not common and nobody carries chains for it!)
3. Some pieces of wood to keep my spinning wheel upright in the back.
4. A folding chair because you never know when you'll need one.
Back to the chainsaw. I had absolutely no idea what I was asking for in November when I bought this thing. I did tell the man that I intended to cut "a lot of wood" with it. So now, when I'm looking online for replacement chains for it and read the description of this saw; "ideal for jobs like pruning, lighter cutting tasks and hobby work" I'm righteous. Did that man think I was a girly chainsaw person! Did he!


  1. I envy you in the upstate...I spent much of my childhood in Gabriels, about 8 miles from Saranac Lake. My dad taught at Paul Smiths College. I'm now in exile in Tallahassee, FL where it's hotter than Hades and a lot more humid. If the economy would just shape up a little, I'd plan a trip up there when the leaves change. We'll see.

    Maggie in Tally

  2. Regarding that ding selling you the chainsaw he did, I truly wish you could tromp back in there (put on your tromping boots and dress so you look tougher than you are), rant and rave and demand he take the first saw back and replace it with one that would sufficiently do the job! You're soooo right . . . the injustice of it all! Would the same thing have happened to a man? %#@$, no! Boy, that makes me mad.

  3. Hi Maggie - its true that it's wonderful here now. But just wait until it gets cold. Then I'll be wishing to be in Tennessee!

    Mama Pea - they actually sold me the smallest chainsaw they have. I went back yesterday afternoon and the mgr decided they need to carry chains for every saw they sell. Duh. They didn't have any chains "that small," but they will in 2 days! Good grief-why is this going to take 3 trips to the hardware store? (rhetorical question)