Sunday, June 20, 2010

Benign Neglect

Last year I was brutal in my efforts to "improve" this area and others around my new/old house.  I took out a bunch of stuff, planted other stuff - all before knowing what was in here before I came.  Yeah, I know.  Dumb.  In my infinite wisdom, I managed to eradicate horseradish from here - at least I couldn't find any this year after digging out a ton of it last year.  Bleh on me.

A few hardy things managed to grow despite my "help," like one, lonely foxglove.  I didn't know what the yellow thing was, so after looking in all my wildflower books and not finding it, I asked here, on this blog and got the answer tut suite.

This year is different.  I've learned (a little anyway).  I'm gonna let my plants express themselves.  The foxglove is back in yellow, and in purple, too!  You may be able to see those above.  A bunch of mystery stuff is here, too.  Some of it I know from last year is coneflower, and the rest of it, we'll just see. 

Looking at the magnificent mess from the side shows that peonies are still blooming, invisibly, below the canopy.  This is one area where I wish I could turn back time and leave it as it was when I came to this house a year and a half ago.

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  1. man, it looks so lush! i'm going to take pix this year so i remember what needs to be moved.