Sunday, June 6, 2010

More About the Place

Here's some more stuff that Linda taught me about my place.

She showed me Jack in the Pulpit

Jewelweed, Virginia Creeper and a Trillium

Wood Sorrel with beautiful purple stripes on the white petals.

Not sure what this stuff is ... [edit: Ellen Rathbone, who writes Adirondack Naturalist, says it's a Starflower. Thanks Ellen!]

We saw a TON of moose tracks like the below, and a bunch of moose poop.  Folks on my street have seen the moose family that comes through my place, but I haven't.  Probably something to do with a bark-y dog that lives at my house.

We walked around the entire area that was logged.  It looks to be about 6-8 acres cleared

The area that isn't logged looks like this.  Rocky, hilly, fern-y.
I was also able to put up some Posted signs, mostly around the corners.  We didn't bushwack around the edge of the entire 25 acres; that would have been a true ordeal.  When it was easier to use a path or a cleared area, we took the easy way out.  Now that I've seen the corners and know how to use the GPS, I can take my time posting the rest of the boundaries.
It was really neat to walk the land and see that the flora is not a complete mystery.  I understand the property SO much better than I did before.  One last thing Linda taught me - the call of the Barred Owl, "who cooks for you".  I'll never forget that one!


  1. You'll probably see a moose before I do!

    Your unknown plant is starflower. I don't have the scientific name at hand, though. Common up here in the ADKs, and just past blooming.

  2. Sounds like a great visit - the place looks fabulous!

  3. My dog enthusiastically protects the place from all intruding rabbits, coyotes, and probably moose, too. I'm guessing the critters give Maggie the dog a wide berth because she's so freakin' noisy!

    Thanks for the plant ID, Ellen!

  4. Excellent! Sounds like a fabulous adventure with your friend :)

  5. is there a way to post an owl sound?? My dad got my mom a book, like a kids talking book that does bird noises, and she thought it was too much, but she likes it and it's really cool!!

  6. Hey Karen Sue - do a google search on Barred Owl. It looks like others have posted the sounds on youtube, and other sites.

  7. Here's a link to some of my uncle's photos of Barred Owls - really neat!

  8. Alison - those are beautiful pictures!