Friday, June 11, 2010

The Pond

Update on the neighbor-guest "issue,"
I spent a major part of yesterday being worried and distracted about this thing, and hours (really - hours!), finding out what police phone number I should call if this happens again.  I left work at the end of the day not knowing who to call, spoke with my mother when I got home and she told me that a white work van came up about 9 am and sat in my driveway for a few minutes before leaving.  When the feller drove away, he put his fingers in the "peace" sign out his window.

That's how I had left it with him yesterday morning, "Peace," after asking him to turn the music down and listening to all his reasons why he felt the need to drink a lot of beer and play music loud.

Anyway - the state trooper finally called back and I spoke to him.  My town doesn't have a noise ordinance, so he's not breaking the law.  However, Mr Trooper said that 5am is out of line, and police would respond if I called in the future.  I've got phone numbers now, for the state troopers and the county sheriff.  He even offered to go talk to the guy (I passed), and said that it's OK to call 911 if he comes back and sits in the driveway again, so I feel better about the whole thing - at least for now.

On another note...

I'm only half embarrassed to say that when my friend was here last weekend and we were catching up, it was mostly about guys.  She had some luck (the exact, right amount of luck) with, a site I haven't used in years.  So I signed up with them and am impressed.

The pond is a lot bigger over there!  That means more very interesting people, and more weird people.  Here's an email I got yesterday:

Subject: Message: Capricorn?

do you like men in general? you need a handyman? you have hairy legs or pits?

I would entertain the idea of travel to NY., not a problem for me. Your line of work sounds interesting. I would like to know more, please.

Homesteader? hmm
Saco, Me.

Sigh .... just ... sigh.
I'm not going to respond to that one.
Last week someone emailed me to ask if I had nice feet, not to be odd, he said.  When I responded that it was odd that feet were the most important thing to him, he wrote that he had never said they were important.
Sigh again. That was the end of that.  I'll let folks like that have the last word.


  1. I'm glad you talked to the trooper.

    We have a problem neighbor. He's a drunk hothead with little man syndrome, and we've had to call the cops on him more than once. I have been concerned often about Frontier Justice/vengance, but...

    ...we put the word out through the neighborhood that we've got the entire place on wireless camera. This led to interesting slips by neighbors where we found out exactly how much they'd been tromping through our property. Our answers when these slips happened were a knowing smile and "We know. We have it logged."

  2. Glad there is a record of both of your neighbor 'creeper' incidents. He very well could be a nice guy, but he's already got himself in the negative section.
    AND...I just got off the phone with a friend and we touched on a couple that we couldn't quite get the attraction on, and another couple I didn't know about, one of which was married to one of the first couple last and love is such a mystery>!>!

  3. Some people can't be dealt with and do need the police called. I would talk to this man again when he appears to be sober (which could very well be why he was at your house - to smooth things out) and see if you can get a better outcome.
    I can't believe how insane some people are in the online dating forum! To ask about your "pits"

  4. It's funny the things we do to "control" our neighbors. My big, black man truck (with the goat sticker in the back window) has been in the south yard for about a week. I moved it to the driveway so if neighbor dude comes back, he might think there's a guy living at my house.

  5. I think 'letting it slip' that you've got the place on wireless camera is a great idea.

  6. Funny how people who live it the city think that living out in the country is a quiet experience. Just goes to show, there are nutty loud people everywhere. We had to finally call the county to complain about our neighbors' pack of dogs barking for an hour at 1:00 AM or 2:00 AM or whenever! One would start, the others would join in, off and on all day. Thankfully we do have a noise ordinance but we did not sign a complaint. Just had an official visit. Now when the dogs start, somehow (and I would love to know how it is done) they are silenced after about 30 seconds. And, two years later, the neighbor is finally speaking to us again, somewhat. People!!!! But then you have found even more nutty ones on the dating network. Yikes! Good luck with that.