Friday, June 18, 2010

SAP = Life

I've been getting into the depths of SAP for a project at work.  The kind of depths where I have to cancel all my meetings so I can concentrate for long periods of time on multiple tables, data field names, queries and all sorts of "fun" stuff.  (Or maybe I was looking for an excuse to cancel meetings!) 

I get so wrapped up in computer stuff that it takes over my life.  I get amused that I can name an infoset with 9 joined tables after myself.  Next I'll be naming infosets amusing things like, REALLY_GOOD_INFOSET.  It took me days to make a really good query that doesn't work right, and have to change the infoset, which means changing the query, and back and forth we go.  I remember this type of work from some programming work I did years ago, back when they had this thing called a command prompt, and this other thing called DOS.

After hours and hours of SAP work, I looked up and saw a neat, swirly icon.  Hovering the cursor over the icon shows that it means Enhance.  My brain is discombobulated in SAP-land, so the first thing I thought was, "How cool!  If I click this button will my life get better? Will it be like going through a wormhole in space and everything will be wonderful?"

Even better is the icon two to the right of Enhance.  It looks like a matchstick, but it's really a magic wand!

Tonight I think I'll dream about clicking buttons called Enhance and swirling into a better world...


  1. I think you've been working WAAAAY too hard! ;o)

  2. I graduated from a 2 year college in 82. Data Entry was my major. Learned a lot of stuff I never used. I'm glad computers have become a lot easier. I can't imagine bringing a large stack of punch cards into the computer room to run my COBOL program...I wasn't very good at programming either... :o)