Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Day

I'm halfway into the fire department, approved by the members, but not yet approved by the commissioners, which will happen Monday.  The department has weekly drills, and me and one other new guy went to our first fire drill last night.  I got to suit up and hold the big hose!  (well actually, it was a small hose and it didn't have a lot of pressure, but anyway...)

Embarrassingly, they couldn't find any pants that fit my womanly hips.  It's all made for a man's shape, so it'll be a pretty big man whose small hips will be big enough to fit my shape.  Sigh.


  1. Did I mention I work as a contractor for the US Fire Administration? Um, yeah.

    They DO make turnout gear for women. Just saying.

  2. Good to know Jody! There's one other lady there and she wears the same size pants as her much bigger husband, but shorter. I hope they know where to find woman-shaped gear!