Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visual Progress Report

June 15th status of everything in the south yard (from lower center left clockwise):

- Woodshed rebuild is not complete.
- Chickens are happy, but not being moved frequently enough (coop is difficult to move), they leave denuded dirt in their wake.
- Cherry trees and orchard doing OK.  Apricots are just beginning to leaf out.  If they're this slow in future years, I doubt I'll ever get apricots.  Moved a bunch of rocks from here today on my day off (cue any song about the hard rock pile).
- goat shed and yard.  Spent 1/2 hour last night before bed time with them in their yard.  They are really amusing!
- garden raised beds.  Planted a bunch of stuff I've never grown before without doing research on how or when to harvest!  I'm not going to complain about this "problem."
- sundial.  Slowly removing grass from around the rock it's resting on. Considering which ground cover to use.

(Yeah, OK.  This seems Power-point-y to me.  I do project updates like this for work ALL the time. Finally - a project update on something I care about!)

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  1. We use a "dolly" (the kind for moving furniture)to drag our rabbit-grazing pen around. Just lift up one side and roll/drag to wherever you want :) Much easier though not as easy as a well-designed pen.