Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What My Company Makes

My plant in upstate New York makes these silicone caulk tubes, along with several thousand other things, like agricultural wetting agents, make-up flowability agents, glue for construction.  I don't work in the building that makes these caulkers, but I visit it sometimes.

We aren't GE, but we used to be.  If you look on the back of a caulker, you'll see my company name.  Aside from me not wanting to work (you know, homestead and all), working for this company isn't all that bad.  I think it's pretty neat that the silicone caulk you use isn't made in China or India or Taiwan.  It's made in upstate New York.


  1. Cool! I probably have that all over my house! It IS nice knowing it's a locally made product.

  2. Yahoo for your company and you! It's nice to know there is still something made in the good old USA. I just saw an article that was all about the Chinese taking over the world's manufacturing lead and leaving us in the dust. I find I am always checking products now for country of origin. So much of that Chinese stuff seems to turn out to be toxic in some way. PS: Loved the goat/daisy photo on the previous blog entry. Hmmm, maybe you should start doing photo note cards like Jon Katz!!!