Monday, June 14, 2010


This, my friends, is a push nut.  It's a little bigger than an inch in outside diameter and until yesterday it held a tire on my hand truck. 
You can see that it's not holding anything now because it's broken. I broke it, trying to get it off so that I could replace a hand truck tire that won't hold air. This push nut is designed to stay on, and never be removed.

After I broke this push nut, I spent hours (OK, maybe minutes) looking up where to get more.  I've stopped by two hardware stores today so far, and while they sell push nuts, they do not sell push nuts this big.

I've gotten myself into a little bit of doo doo with this one. All because I'm trying to replace a tire on a piece of equipment that's likely designed to be disposable. (Never mind that I may have been able to get the tire repaired without taking it off.  We're a little past that point, now.)

I'll give the big box stores a shot, then may try to order this push nut online, where if I find it, I'll have to order at least 10 of them.  Anyone want a 5/8 ID push nut, or a few of them?


  1. We have this same hand truck (but not in red), and we love it! Good luck on the push nut search.

  2. Hi Jordan,
    I got the necklace yesterday, thanks a bunch. It was wrapped as if by a true engineering professional - nice work!