Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Goats Are Getting Bigger

Our twice-daily practice on the leash and time spent together is getting to be fun.  I'm trying to handle them a bit more, their legs, their feet, etc., so they get used to me doing stuff to them.  We play for a few minutes in their area before they go into the shed.  They play king of the mountain on a bench and do real sk8boarder antics jumping off the bench.

Every morning when I bring them into the overgrown area (the same one for the last 2 weeks), the first place they go is to this blueberry bush, and then the next blueberry bush.  I don't mind donating 2 blueberry bushes to the goats - I've got plenty more, and they're learning valuable skills, like how to push down a branch and how to work together.  It's for a greater cause!


  1. I'm jealous of your blueberry bushes! I can't seem to grow them in Oklahoma.

  2. I hear that one of the keys to growing blueberry bushes is acid soil. So they're one of the few things I *can* grow!