Monday, June 21, 2010

Eleven Eggs

Must. Use. Up. Eggs.

The chickens are giving me 4-5 eggs a day, and I've been consuming 2-3 eggs a day.  After I filled up my third dozen (three dozen in the fridge and increasing daily), I declared a house emergency, googled "use up eggs" and found some recipes that should put us in the good soon.

This here lemon curd consumed eleven eggs (!!!), some whole and some yolks.  It will go on a pound cake (6-8 eggs).  Last week I made a sausage quiche (6 eggs).

My religion is egg-based.  I've been eating 2-3 eggs a day for about 25 years and when the talking heads said, "don't eat eggs," I shut my ears.  This glut of eggs and me trying to put them into everything I eat means that my food seems more ... whole, more substantial than the carb calories of my friends.  If loving eggs is wrong - I don't wanna be right!


  1. Is lemon curd something that you can preserve? I'm imagining a lovely shelf full of jars of lemon curd. I think Costco sells big bags of lemons.

  2. My mom suggested that lemon curd would make a good house gift. I *do* think it's preserve-able. I saw some in the jams and jellies section of the grocery store. Just gotta learn how to preserve!

  3. Not that the eggs aren't delicious (I know they are having my own backyard chickens) and certainly more healthy than store-bought eggs, but could you sell some to friends, neighbors, etc.? Also, waterglass storage is said to be good for long-term preservation of eggs. I haven't had the chance to try it because we haven't yet reached the egg glut stage - we've got just 1 hen laying out of 4 due to start any day, with eight 6-7 week old chicks.

    Meanwhile, you've got me dreaming of frozen crepes, Hollandaise sauce, fritattas, stratas, bread pudding, French toast, potato kugel, egg salad, egg bread, Seattle Dutch Babies, pancakes, pickled eggs ...

  4. I have given a few dozen eggs away. It's funny because I thought that 5 hens would give me about 3 eggs a day, which would have been perfect. Not complaining, though!

  5. Yes, you can preserve curds, but because they're low-acid and contain eggs, you need to use a pressure canner. Right now my two go-to books on canning are Blue Ribbon Preserves by Linda Amendt and the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving (which is *not* the same as the classic Ball Blue Book), ed. by Judith Kingry and Lauren Devine.

    Good luck finding creative uses for your glut of eggs!

  6. I have never made lemon curd (or any other curd) but it is on my list to do...

    I would recommend getting an ice cream maker and find some good custard-style ice creams. Some of the recipes take 5 yolks per quart!