Monday, June 14, 2010

The Wellies

It's been rainy, cold and crappy for six out of the last eight days and these wellies are getting a lot of use.  (Rainy, that is, when I've been home.  It was sunny and wonderful when I was trapped behind a desk.)  I'm beginning to get a feeling of dread that this summer will be a repeat of last summer, where June in Albany was the wettest June EVER. Next week's forecast shows scattered showers or thundershower possibility every day except Tuesday.  Good thing I'm taking Tuesday off work, or else I might be heartbroken for lack of sun.  Me and the basil, which is turning yellow and red.  (The basil I started is doing fine.  The basil I bought is becoming colorful.  Hmm.  Another drop in the bucket of starting vs buying started plants.)


  1. Oh I feel your pain, we have been getting the same weather here in NH. It is so sad to see my cukes wilting in the raised bed. Maybe we will get lucky and get a streak of sun that will help them recover lol.

  2. I love my wellies, even though they don't get used as much out here as they would in NY.

    I was really happy with my boughten lettuce starts, although the broccoli starts were puny and bolted early.

  3. Nice boots!! Mail order or farm store?!?!?
    I have some great looking romaine lettuce from the greenhouse, but my tomatoes look every bit as lovely as the ones I bought. And I have a nice pumpkin plant. Hoping for more sunshine than last year...
    Think BRIGHT & SHINY~~

  4. These wellies are from Target!