Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Purely Psychological

Today, the barrier keeping the goats in is purely psychological  The power energizer is clicking and the fence is still up, but power is not flowing through the fence.

Why?  Because the connection between the energizer and the ground rod is GONE.  Disappeared.  I can see that it was still there on Monday when this picture was taken (in the blown up version of this picture the teeny thing that looks white at the top of the ground rod is clearly the ground rod connection).

I don't have any spares, so my only choice was to nonchalantly pretend that everything was normal and hope that the goats don't figure it out before I can buy a new one (today's lunchtime errand).  Picture me with a nonchalant expression on my face, whistling nonsense tunes as I walked away from the goats, a la any Sylvester cartoon.

Those goats aren't dumb!  They know that sometimes it's OK to touch the fence.  This morning they both touched it on purpose before I connected it and turned it on.  I hope, hope, hope that the clicking sound the energizer makes will be enough to hold them in. 

And if not?  Maggie will have 2 playmates when I come home.  (Oh rats - I just realized that they won't be able to run back into their shed because I have the door closed - it's only attached by chicken wire and falling off.  I just bought hinges yesterday but didn't get a chance to put them on yet.)  Now that Pancho's gone, Maggie has even fewer animals to play with and is excessively bothering Sparky to try and get him to play.

Don't the goats look like superstars?  The setting sun bounces off my white house and lights the goats' dark sides.  Don't be fooled by how big they look in this picture.  They're really about the height of my knees.


  1. Here's hoping they behave while you are getting 'the juice' restored!

  2. have fun with Linda this week!