Monday, June 7, 2010

Hodge Podge

I normally try to limit posts to a single subject, but there are a bunch of little things I want to show.  Here goes...

Here's the first bouquet of the season riding to the office with me this morning. I don't care if Dame's Rocket is a weed.  It's pretty, and it's coming with me to the office.

Blue Flag Iris isn't the only kind of Iris I have.  I've got these bearded yellow ones with both purple and blue, and this pale white/yellow kind.

I didn't get my act together to protect the apple trees from plum curculio before they came out of dormancy, so I shouldn't be surprised to see this curculio smiley mark on most of the new apples.  I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many apples forming because I had multiple days of hard frost and snow after the blossoms came out and I thought there would be more frost damage. It won't stop me from using these apples for eating and for cider this fall, and I'll try to do a better job next year against the plum curculio.


  1. Jordan-
    Don't tell that the pear tree is still in its store bucket waiting to be planted. Lots of heavy rain made some jobs for the 15yr old who didn't get a summer job yet...

  2. I've bit my tongue about the Dame's Rocket or Sweet Rocket long enough . . . I must confess it's one of my favorite wild flowers. It has a lovely latin name: Hesperis matronalis, an intoxicating perfume in the morning and evening and its subtle shades of white and violet brighten up the shady garden spots. It does self-seed but not with reckless abandon and it doesn't send down a burly taproot so can be moved or dispatched easily enough--but then would would want to dig up a plant with so many attributes? True some states have added it to the noxious plant list but I'm sure those responsible sit behind a desk all day looking at numbers. Give them a bouquet of Hesperis matronalis and they'll change their song.

  3. Well put, anon! Being new at this, I like to put everything into one of two buckets. Is it a white hat or a black hat? My friend made a similar point about milkweed when I asked her, "It's a bad thing, isn't it?" She said, "Weell, it depends..." and listed the benefits. Aah, the subtlety that experience brings!