Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Had No Idea Felting Was so Hard

One of the ladies here came to an earlier workshop where she learned how to make a rug.  She says that it was incredibly hard, all that thwacking and rolling and whatever else she did to shrink it.  After the end of that day, she says, she was so tired, she went back to her hotel room and didn't even have the energy to get dinner.  Gasp, too tired to have dinner???  But I have a choir concert tonight!

You may not be able to tell from those mysterious hairy mats on the table what they are, but we're making vests.  The purse workshop was yesterday and the vessel workshop was earlier in the week.  Oh brother, those things are gorgeous! Two people came from so far away that they're staying in a nearby inn.  One came from Mississippi.  There's a scarf workshop later this week (you can see those pretty things hanging near the wall, they're so Amelia Bedelia, which is my code for flowers, lots of flowers).  There are two workshops that have noone signed up.  Maybe I'll sign up and learn how to make a purse instead of whatever was scheduled.

In a short, unrelated aside, but since I'm thinking of Amelia Bedelia...when I got married in 1991, I didn't organize the same dress for the women.  I asked all the important women to wear dresses that had flowers on them.  That was the theme.  I remember that look from my childhood and attach it to Amelia Bedelia, but I just googled her, and I'm not seeing all the flowers I remember.  Childhood memories - sometimes they have little resemblance to actuality!  (Maybe it was wallpaper?  In any case, it would have been 35-40 years ago, and Amelia's style may have changed since then.)

I do want to learn how to make a felt rug.  Lookit this one, obviously in use. I have a childhood memory of a very pretty one, although since we've just established that my memory may or may not have basis in reality, this too may be imaginary!
Anyway - today is more felting (what we're doing today is the fulling part) and then I have to rush straight to the choir concert (must remember to bring appropriate attire with me).  I suspect I'll be exhausted tonight, just like that other lady.  But it should be a good exhaustion, from using my body and being creative.  No complaints about that!

Don't forget - meteor shower tonight.

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  1. I had a nice post and blogger ate it..WWRGH!
    I had 2 friends and one's 12yr old daughter over after church today to sew flannel pj pants. Mom and daughter are not sewers, except repairs by hand, and they left each with a complete pair, ready to put on at home and lounge in. The other has sewed, but was making her son's all done, and the 2 girls' cut out and ready to sew. It was a fun and successful day..hope yours was too!