Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me and Knitting, Sittin' in a Tree - K-I-S-S-I-N-G

First comes love.  Then comes marriage. Then comes a sweater in a baby carriage!  (Remember that verse, except with actual kids' names?)
Knitting, I think you and me are in for a long and fruitful relationship!  Here we are at the Newark airport with you keeping me company during the layover that was supposed to be 5 hours, but ended up being only 3 hours because the flight from Albany was 2 hours late.  I looked really smart for scheduling such a long layover when most of the people on the plane missed their connections. Some had to spend the night in Newark.  Then the flight west was also very late, but you and me together made the time go quickly, with our friend MP3 player.  I can see the benefits of having a book on MP3.  Here's the zen I was missing with spinning.  I have to expend some mental energy to keep track of what stitch and what row I'm on, so not enough mental room for worry or stress.  It works!  You can see that there's still some city girl in this emergent homesteader.  How?  I'm making my second project, the below hooded scarf in fuzzy charcoal grey, a variant of black.  Totally a city color.

I wasn't paying attention and broke an unwritten blogging rule in the last few days.  Don't let people know you're not going to be home.  For those 3 of you that know where I live and could actually get there.  If you go to my house to steal anything, can you finish washing the dishes?  Thanks.


  1. I'm puzzled, why stop with the dishes? Surely they would not want to leave footprints....and therefore would need to shovel whatever snow you have left on your paths....and do a little dusting and vaccumming so as not to leave fibers or fingerprints...and of course, you do have those ferocious guard kitties that will need to have a scratch or two behind the ears.
    Seriously, I hope that you have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas...and that you return home to find your dust bunnies untouched!

  2. Gosh, for sitting in airports and waiting through delays, you have a great attitude!!

    Don't ever lose that city girl part of you. It makes for a really useful combination with all the skills and crafts you are learning.

    Have a great time with your family!

  3. Mwwwahahahahaha - welcome to the dark side.

  4. Hey Jordan,
    Can you get me a copy of those blogger rules?? I think I violate them on a regular basis... if I really only have 8 readers and half of them are relatives, do the rules still apply?? I'll tell everyone I'm gone, if it'll get me some cleaning!!
    Have fun and I'm glad you had time to enjoy knitting. Nothing fries me like planning ahead for delays and getting no time to enjoy those things!!

  5. That's hilarious, Mary Lee! Maybe I should put out an invitation - you're welcome to my stuff (Lord knows, there's nothing valuable there!), but please clean up on your way out!

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  7. I thought about that, too . . . you sharing the info that you wouldn't be home. But, I think you followed it up BRILLIANTLY! ;) Have a WONDERFUL Christmas on the west coast, and I'll stay tuned for posts about Oregon.