Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lookit What I Got for Christmas!

It's hard to read, but the left one says, "Jordan's Berry Book."  It's a compilation of berry recipes, for all the types of berries I have here (blueberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry).  The right one says, "Drying Fruits and Vegetables."  It's a printout of a U Idaho publication. AND, the thing on top of the right book is a cherry pitter from Santa!  I did get some nice roving to spin, and a book about fiber as well.  My family is not about spending huge amounts of money for Christmas, and I'm pretty happy with that.

Today is my birthday. I've started the day right by oversleeping an hour, making tea and opening a few presents.  I'll work from home a bit today, until the temperature here gets up to about 10 and I don't feel so bad about leaving the dogs outside, and then I'll head down to mountain to the real world.  I think I'll buy myself a birthday present on the way home from work today - don't laugh - nice bathroom rugs to replace the junky ones I've got now.  (Although if it wasn't my birthday, I'd manufacture some other excuse to buy these rugs.)  And some of the junky rugs can move to the car!

It's not great to have a birthday between Christmas and New Years.  Yes, birthday presents often end up disappearing into Christmas presents.  And on more than one occasion I've had some drinky-poos with friends on my birthday and then had no desire to drink anything on New Years Eve.  Terrible, I know,  (smiling). 

I've been invited to something down the hill tomorrow night, but haven't decided yet whether to go.  A few days ago they were warning about a big storm tomorrow, but I think that's moderated now.  I've been putting off composing my big post about this past year and my goals for next year - I've got one more day to put those thoughts together!


  1. Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about birthday's getting mixed up with Christmas. My brother's is 12-28 and I alway saw the token birthday cake at family gatherings. When my son was born on 12-20 I wanted to avoid such things. One thing I did was to refuse to have any Christmas presents under the tree until after his birthday--only his birthday presents were allowed. Have a wonderful day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JORDAN! Wouldn't it be fun if some magical way all of us blog-pals could descend upon you for a birthday dinner tonight? I'll bring the cake . . . no, make that the birthday pie. I'm a cwappy cake baker!

    P.S. I know just what you mean about something like new, nice bathroom rugs being a real treat. To heck with the expense; buy yourself some really plush ones!

  3. Birthday blessings to you Jordan!

  4. Hi Anon - I think your son will appreciate the effort you're making to keep his birthday separate from Xmas! I don't think we really know what we're missing in other people's big hullabaloo about birthdays.

    Mama Pea - I got myself lunch at a takeout place I like, and got a piece of cheesecake for later. Yum!

    Thanks Penny!

  5. Hope your Birthday's a happy one! Eating whatever you want is a good way to celebrate! Were your 'books' a gift or something you have put together. Don't mention this to anyone who is extremely green, but I print out ALOT of stuff from the computer and blogs and the stack on my desk is WAY too big. Perhaps I should grab a big notebook and make sense of it all..or burn it in the fireplace. I have taken a composition book along with me and when I'm reading blogs and such, I write notes of things to look up, books to read, facts, some recipes. it is a start!