Sunday, December 20, 2009

Solstice Soon

One day away from the winter solstice, the sun sets as far south as it will set.  In a day it will start moving northward again and days get longer.  The temperature will take a month to change direction.  It is still getting colder.

Those bumps are part of a small mountain range, the Helderbergs, south of Albany.  The highest peak is about 1000 feet, 800 feet shorter than me (boy, I'm tall!) and about 30 miles away.  Twenty years ago this view west from the house was clear of trees, and hopefully a year from now it will be mostly clear again.

I took the car out for some exercise and drove to a yarn store in Altamont, just past these peaks.  I'm working my way up to an analysis of prices and costs for fiber-y things.  Amazing how much knitters pay for yarn.


  1. Beautiful shot. How can it look so warm . . . and yet be so cold out? Must be winter time, huh?

  2. Jordan-
    Have you ever read My Side of the Mountain? Young ages Jean Craighead George...they talk about the Helderbergs in there. The book is part of a trilogy. Perhaps a good winter read. Maybe you read Julie of the Wolves in your youth. I didn't, but I've read this set through 2 or 3 of my kids and before that, as a teacher's aide at school.
    It is a very lovely picture.

  3. Thanks Mama Pea! You know, it was your suggestion about 6 months ago that incited me to start this blog. Technically, I'd say you're the grandmother of it!

    Karen Sue - I'll have to look those books up!

  4. Jordan, what's the name of the yarn store in Altamont? Just curious. That's a long drive!

  5. Kate - I think it's called The Spinning Room. It's right across from the train station? There's not much in Altamont besides that! I also went to Trumpet Yarns in Latham, which I liked a little better in the colors they stocked. I wanted to take the car out to get the battery recharged, so didn't mind the trip!