Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Felting - Purses

I'm taking the day off work today to take another felting workshop.  Today's lesson is how to make a purse.  I missed the seminar last week (had to work), so asked them to re-do it this week.  I missed hats, vessels and will miss scarves later this week, but I've been assured that there will be more workshops later in the year.  The good news is that she is willing to give a workshop if one just calls and asks for one.

Here are some purses from last week's class.

Here's a link to the studio: 


  1. OK Jordan,
    The felting I've done is by knitting the purse or slippers first, and then doing the shrinking/felting with hot water. Just what is the process you are using?? are you needle felting the whole thing or designs or what??
    A little more explanation,please.

  2. Not needle felting, or washing, except as a finishing step. This was my first exposure to felting. The vests we did on a muslin core. The purse we do inside out and then turn: put a piece of plastic down (the resist), then put your design on the plastic, then the purse color on that. Wet it with soapy water. Turn it over and do the same with the other side of the plastic. Now the plastic has 2 layers on each side. Then turn it back and put the inside color on. Then turn it over again and do the same. Now the plastic has 3 layers on each side. Then begin to felt it by rolling it and rubbing and moving it. Do this by rolling it all the different ways you can. Then you have basically a closed pouch because of the plastic in the middle. Cut out a half moon at the top and sew the handle (it's one piece with the purse, not a separate piece to attach, just make it 3D instead of 2D). Wash in the washer and rub and felt some more. I know this description probably makes absolutely no sense. It took 8 hours to make the purse - a TON of work. I only took one picture of the process, but I'll post it later.