Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Not Raining

I can't get over the moss on the trees, and how nice it is today (over 40 degrees).  Here's a shot of my mother's back yard with the obligatory window reflections in the lower left.

Years ago I came here for a week over Christmas and it rained The. Entire.  Week.  Nonstop.  It was so traumatic that I avoid this time of year on the west coast if at all possible.  Thank you, El Nino.

I'll be back home soon and notably it's about the same temperature at home as it is here.  Even more notably, within 24 hours of my arrival, the temperature is scheduled to plummet to 10 degrees, exactly where it was when I left.

It's been a very nice time away, but I'm beginning to miss my furry family terribly.  Work, which I must do next week, I do not miss.


  1. Did you have a bunch of little chores to complete at your parents house? Hoping you got it all done!
    I hear you about going back to work. It seemed nice to have a extra long weekend, with everything, but my daughter had a bball tourney 1.5 hours away Sat & Sun 12:30 and 11, and by the time they play and you drive there and drive home, it takes a chunk out of the day and you really don't feel like doing anything, but the clothes and dishes are still dirty and then tomorrow is back to work for me, with 3 kids at home and people coming Thursday after we eat out to ring in the new year and I should probably be cleaning instead of commenting, right!?!? Here's to going back to work and hoping the shoemaker's elves might things tidy here while I sleep!!

  2. Karen Sue, I'm amazed at how much you do! Kids, a family, work, and read and comment on blogs! Probably other things too... You must be an energetic person!