Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tractor Supply - I Looove You!

You sell so many useful things!

Here's my haul from today's lunchtime trip.  A tow rope, an oil lamp and a heated water bowl for my furry little cabbages.

(That is one of the few things I remember from 7th grade french. "Mon petit chou," or "my little cabbage" used as a term of endearment.  Here's an explanation of the term:

Now I can be a good mommy and give my babies water that doesn't freeze while I'm gone.  It almost balances out the fact that I'm a bad mommy for leaving them outside in  9-degree weather.  They do like the wool blanket I brought them though.  I suspect they snuggle on the wool blanket on the porch loveseat and keep each other warm, even though I can't catch them at it.  Every time I come home they're in the yard waiting for me because they heard me coming up the hill, (or Maggie heard me and Desmond followed her out - Desmond is hard of hearing). 


  1. That's a nice haul!! I've never been there, but they deliver ads to the p.o. box that I use in VT and I've been looking at those ads for a year.

    I can't decide if I'm a homesteading girl -- I think not. I think I am a vegetable gardener, learning about fruit trees and fruit bushes and giving that a shot. The only animals I see in my life are dogs. And crafts? Well, for me that's learning how to insulate and enclose my crawl space, and contemplating learning how to replace the roof myself. (It's just one story and small, in VT.)

    But gosh, I have become addicted to homesteading blogs, learning about wood, about felting, about bee hives, about roosters, about all the stages of chicken's lives, about goats...

    And nice hauls from Tractor Supply!

    Keep the stories coming!

  2. I first thought Tractor Supply was a store that sold tractor parts, but they looked a little too nice, so I stopped in one day last year just to see what they sell - and what a discovery.

    So if you're a vegetable gardener, that means I can ask you all my stupid beginner's gardening questions? Huh? Huh? Please?

    I'm learning about crafts mostly to see what I can make money on in the future, not because I yearn to felt. Goodness no!

  3. Jordan, I have more earnestness than knowledge, when it comes to gardening. I am aiming to create a year round supply, with freezing and canning.

    I good source is a simplicity forum,

    (You have to register.)

    They have a gardening subforum, and there's a mix of people with questions and people with knowledge. I like it a lot, because it's not over my head!

    Re money making ideas, did you think about writing articles for e-How, with your technical background? It's not a lot of money, but they pay per views, and it grows for some writers over time. I've never tried it, but follow the blog of someone who did.

  4. Jordan- Did a little Christmas shopping at tractor supply this morning! Got my mom and dad matching 40lb bags of black sunflower seeds for their bird feeders. They turn 70 next year and 80 lbs delivered to their own garage is bonus! I know they will use it because I gave it to them last year and it's all gone! and then some!! Rather give something they can use and use up. I never have to have a new idea for them! Well, I give them something else, too, but I know I have a winner in this!
    Tractor Supply is a great place to find magazines on headsteading subjects. I was looking for GRIT today, but they were out. They did have MEW, but I already have that...sometimes Hobby Farm or stuff like that.