Sunday, December 13, 2009

Log Skidder Gone

Sun rising this morning, you can see the yellow ball (like a big, bald head - know the song reference?).  They moved the log skidder back up the hill on Friday and plowed out the turnaround. 

I put gas in the truck on Thursday afternoon, 18 gallons of it.  Then I drove out somewhere Thursday night, to work Friday, did some grocery shopping at lunchtime Friday, and had 150 miles on the tank by the time I got home Friday night, 25 hours after I filled the tank on Thursday.  Ugh.  One more commute to work and home and I'll have to fill the tank again, 18-20 more gallons.

So I used the bathroom rug trick to get the car out of it's winter parking place and drove the car this weekend to felting class.  Worked OK, except we got snow and mixed rain this afternoon.  About 2 inches of snow and rain on top of it.  Got home just fine, but couldn't get the car back into place without a fair amount of back and forth in the driving rain, and the bathroom rug again.  Yuk.

Remember last week I said that the woodshed would be fine as long as it didn't rain?  I did all that work last summer putting that temporary roof up to avoid exactly the situation that's going to happen (or is happening now, as I write) because the roof blew off last week in the first storm of the season.  A frozen lake of ice on the floor of the woodshed and a big, fat pain in the rear to get wood.  Or maybe a big, fat pain when I slip and fall on the ice.  Next year, this will all be a big, fat memory as there will be a big, fat new woodshed and roof.

And oh yeah - no meteor shower here!  It will probably be wonderful, if I could see through clouds and rain.  I guess it'll be next year on that one, too.  Hope some of you got a chance to see it!


  1. Listen to the meteor shower on


  2. Nope. No meteor shower for me either!

    Jordan, be super careful on the roads this morning. There is a lot of black ice.

  3. Cool - never hear of that Cindy - thanks!

    Kate - made it in. Did you go to Manchester yesterday to meet Jenna?

  4. Hmmm.... the post I tried to make got eaten by some internet netherworld, so this is shorter.

    No, did not make it. Was supposed to stay in VT the whole weekend, after the Friday tax appraisal, and head down to Manchester on Sunday for the meet up, then back to NY. But it was all conditioned on it not being intolerably cold in my unheated house, and it was freezing cold on Friday. That was the same day my dog wouldn't come (left him in NY), so I had to get back.

  5. Jordan,
    perhaps you could pick up a bag of playbox sand...This time of year, you'd have to ask for it. I got mine at the lumber store and I think it was frozen, making it even heavier. I used to do a BEACH DAY in the winter at preschool, 'cuz we were all sick of the weather and cold..always had trouble getting the mom's to leave! We dumped a couple of bags of sand out on a tarp on the floor with a couple of spotlights warming it and being our sunshine...or maybe a bag of kitty litter that you could toss on your ice slick to give you some traction in the woodshed. Of course, with your new wood truck, you may not have to go out there quite as much as you did before,

  6. Jordan, I was reminded about something by Karen Sue's post.

    Does your town dump have free sand? One near my VT cabin has mounds of free sand for residents to take (no ID required, just no commercial types allowed).