Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Early July Garden

This is really my first garden ever.  Last year I threw a couple plants in odd places and got an ear of corn, a tomato, and a million cucumbers.  This year I've got the raised beds, but am just learning what to do with them and what to do with a garden.

The leftmost bed has beets in the front, broccoli in the back, and spinach ending, replaced by basil in the middle.  I harvested and roasted some beets yesterday.  Yum!  I see now that I should have thinned the beets.  I can see how too many plants, too close to each other have made the beets smaller than they could be.  Still tasty though!

The middle bed starts with some pepper plants that aren't doing anything, followed by more basil, and a thousand tomato plants.

The uphill bed has 6 cucumber plants in the first two feet, and zucchini and squash at the end.  Something tells me I shouldn't have crowded these things in so tightly.  In the middle of the bed is what I'm really, really looking forward to.

Next year I'm not going to grow broccoli from seed, or likely, at all.  The broccoli I've grown tastes like what I can get at the grocery store, and I could use that space for something that isn't easily purchased.  Later this year I want to make another raised bed downhill from these three, and use it for strawberries. 

I've finished the easy part of the sliding barn door, the actual door.  The hard part is hanging the rolling track absolutely level, cutting the bottom of the door to match the rock and not-rock terrain down on the ground, and hanging the thing up.  This carpentry thing isn't too different from sewing (except you use different tools!).  In some respects sewing is harder because the material and seams can curve to make 3 dimensions in one seam.  I still wouldn't attempt a 3-d building though!


  1. Wow, NICE lookin' door!

    I think gardeners probably say, "Next year . . . " more than anybody else. And when you don't have enough room for everything you want to try, some stuff has got to go or change or be given less space. I think you managed to get a whole heckuva lot in your three beds.

  2. That door is great! Nice job, Jordan!

  3. Nice door! I have some pretty crowded broc. Last night I ate my first cucumber and was it tasty! and I found some tiny tomatoes and little broc heads. This is after I went to my friend's house and lusted after her broc, and a few other plants that we planted at the same time. Some of hers are bigger, some of mine are bigger.

  4. My son replaced the shed doors with plywood doors and cut the long 'straight' edge with a jigsaw. NOT SO STRAIGHT!! But he's learning and it will be better next time!!