Monday, July 26, 2010

The Workout and Two More Days

I took the ATV out yesterday with Mr Far East, and explored some of the trails around my place.  What fun!  My quad needed the workout.  It's never been off my property before, and wasn't running well before I ran it hard yesterday.  Mr Far East knows I'm not feeling anything more than friendly towards him, but we both still had a great time yesterday.  On another front, last week's meeting with Mr Thursday went very well.  I very much want to see him again, but he's fairly busy these days.  Hopefully later this week. 

The goats have made a big impression on their current area since Thursday morning when I put them in for the first time.  I like the idea of putting them in a smaller area and moving them more often.  I've read about a concept, called mob grazing, where you put the animals very densely in a small area for a short period of time.  The animals can't do as much picking and choosing of what they want to eat because there's less to choose.  To replicate mob grazing with these little gals, I think I'd have to put them in about 20 square feet.

They've eaten all the bramble.  In the absence of blueberry bushes, they've decided that they like yummy grape plants the best.  It's been amusing over the last few days to listen as they try to, "Maa-a-ah," with their mouths full.
But they haven't touched any ferns yet, or any of the comfrey.  How come my goats don't like raisins (or any treat that I bring) and don't like comfrey?  They need to go to goat school and learn what goats are supposed to like! 
I'm hoping the goats will give me two more days before they break out of this area.  I'm having dinner with a new person (we'll call him Mr Monday) tonight, in an artsy neighborhood of downtown Albany, and tomorrow is fire drill night.  If the goats are in the yard when I get home today, I'll build their new area tomorrow morning.  But I hope, hope, hope for two more days so I can do it on Wednesday!

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