Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Wonder ...

I drove home from date #2 last night with Mr North with a head full of who-knows-what and got home about 8.  As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that the previously lush, tall area in front of the house looked like this:

I thought, "Hm.  I wonder what Maggie's been doing up here."  I went inside, fed the dogs, and then heard, "Ma-a-a-a" from an unusual direction and looked out front to see this in the yard:

Two fat goats.

They followed me through the porch, back to their leashes, and so I took them home:

I wonder how long they'd been out.  From the looks of their bellies, it was probably most of the day.

I wonder how the goats handled the dogs.  I wonder how the dogs handled the goats.

Nobody's letting on to me!  The dogs and goats acted like there's nothing unusual about goats in the front yard eating the coneflowers.  Everybody acted the same as usual.

Hm, I wonder.  Did they dance cheek to cheek, the dogs and the goats?  They're keeping secrets from me and I don't like it!

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