Monday, July 5, 2010

Thanks for the Lesson, Ladies!

I was working on the sliding barn door yesterday when mom let me know that the goats had gotten out again.  That's 3 times in 2 days they've shed the surly bonds of their portable fencing.  So I paused on the door and moved the goat fencing.  I have GOT to get better tools for clearing a path for the fence.  A machete would be good.  If this moving electric fences is going to be a moneymaker for me, I've got to get better at it, and faster.  This time I estimated the space too small and had extra fence left over at the end.  Practice, practice.

Here's what I saw when I was taking down the fence from their old area:
There was plenty of food left in their old area!  They just didn't want to eat it!  What I should have done is walk the fenceline, adding push-in stakes at any point where the fence looked loose or there was a gap with the ground.  Lesson learned ladies!  They won't manipulate me into moving them so quickly next time.

I gave up on hoping for a ripe tomato while mom is still here and harvested these green ones for a classic southern (and yummy) dish.  Fried green tomatoes!  We also had these baby cucumbers in salad and broccoli for dinner with some pork chops.  Tonight we'll have the first zucchini and squash, along with the garlic scapes from the farmers' market.


  1. Animals are good at playing us aren't they? LOL! The veggies look fabulous, love fried green tomatoes!! MMM

  2. Yea! I saw on Sunday that I'll have zukes and hopefully peas ready by the time we get back - yum.