Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Jailbreak

Yesterday mom and I went to the farmer's market in Bennington, VT, and then to Cambridge, NY to check out some antique shops.  For those of you that read Jenna Woginrich's blog, Cambridge is the next town south from Jackson, where she lives.  It's nice farm country up there.  My neck of the woods is an hour south where the country is hillier and rockier.  Much rockier, much steeper = less farms, less people and less culture.  One advantage to living here though, is that in the 90+ uncomfortable weather in Cambridge, Albany and most other places, it's breezy and comfortable at my place.  I slept outside under the stars last night. So nice.

Being a new goat owner, I have a lot of diffuse fears about things that haven't happened yet, but may.  Sometime.  Like the goats getting out, eating something bad for them, getting sick, getting hurt, etc, etc. 

Well, the first one happened yesterday.  Mom and I were home, the dogs were inside the house sleeping, and not much else was going on.  The goats didn't run away or get chased anywhere.  They came up to the house and started smelling the stevia.  I went down to get the leashes, mom came with me and the goats followed mom.  Back to their enclosure.  Whew.

As I walked up the hill, the goats ran to their out-place and wiggled under the fence to get to the brambles growing through the rhododendron.  (Rhodies = bad for goats.)  I closed up the holes with some rocks and inside they stay, for now.  I'll give them another day to eat more of that green stuff, build a new enclosure today and move them either later today or tomorrow.

It was SO freakin' lucky that we were home and the dogs were inside for the goats' first jailbreak!


  1. Something must have been in the air . . . my two goat kids escaped yesterday too! It isn't the first time though it doesn't happen very often. They ran up to me to say 'hi' and I lifted each one back over the fence where they've stayed ever since. Oh goats!

  2. Funny how things happen in groups. Let me know if/when you start a blog - I'd love to follow what you do with yours. My goats won't let their bellies be touched. Curious how you got over that hurdle with your goats so you could milk them.