Friday, July 16, 2010

Tomatoes are Coming!

I planted some huge amount of tomato plants.  So many that they're packed together in the raised bed so tightly, I can't count them.  I noticed this yellow-orangey color last night on one of the outer plants.

And as I was standing there, a flash of orange, waay in the depths.
Looks like I'll begin excavating tomatoes soon!  Time to buy more raw milk to make some real mozzarella cheese.  So far I've only made quick mozzarella cheese, which takes about an hour and doesn't require cultures or a pH tester.  I need to get a pH tester, or figure out a way to test pH.  These yummy-looking tomatoes and the thought of Caprese salad with fresh! mozzarella cheese will get me off my duff!

Has anybody compared tomatoes dried in a dehydrator vs dried in the sun?

The coneflowers are about 7 feet tall now and just now beginning to open up.  I'd have to go to the second story of the house to get a propah picture, so this under-the-bloom shot will have to do.

And lastly, the oregano is in full bloom.  The bees are loving it!  I sincerely hope this bee action doesn't portend more oregano.  I've got too much now!  My microclimate is apparently perfect for oregano.  Who knew?


  1. Pretty Oregano flowers. I noticed yours are purple - mine are white - I think I like yours better. : )

  2. Mine doesn't have flowers yet :( OTOH, I'm just happy that so far it seems to be the one herb in my garden that the Asiatic Garden Beetles haven't defoliated!