Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Project Parts

Here's ten shirts from the Salvation Army, all in greens, browns, and dark reds.  Not shown are the high thread count sheets in khaki brown that will serve as the backing.  I want to repeat the flower motif that I used last time, but make the flowers smaller, rounder, and more numerous than before.

I'm meeting Mr East for a picnic this afternoon.  The work he's put into making this first date special has me very very hopeful.  My contribution is fresh-picked raspberries and blueberries.  We'll do the NY Times Sunday crossword al fresco with wine, berries, bread and cheese.  I've been trying internet dating for a while and SO often the first meeting has one or both shocked when the outside picture doesn't meet the inside picture that we cobbled together from emails and phone calls.  All of the ways of optimism that we've used in the last week, I've seen before with other people.  I'm trying my hardest not to be cynical though, and come at this, the umpteenth one, with a clean heart and an open hands and mind.  Even if today's meeting goes well, the next hurdle may be my homestead.  The rural-ness, distance and farm nature of it have stopped a few men that seemed promising.  If I were just a farm gurrl, it would be simpler to find a farm guy.  But I'm a city girl/farm girl.  I like the bright lights as well as the dark skies, and demand to be with someone with a little depth.  At least someone who can spell.  (ha ha!  Nothing like stacking condition on top of condition to narrow the list down to almost nothing!)

This blog has been a priority for me for the last year and I've enjoyed posting something semi-relevant every day.  I like the discipline and the practice, and I love the interaction and the little community that's going on.  One of the reasons why I've been posting so much here is that these conversations take the place of conversations I might have with a real other person, in the flesh.  It's way too soon to say, but if I post less frequently here, it may be for a good reason!

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  1. What you ask isn't too much to ask, you know? It's too bad that chemistry can't be gauged over the phone or through emails.

    That said, it sounds like you are off to an awesome start and I hope (fingers and toes crossed) that this goes off without a hitch.