Thursday, July 8, 2010

Under the Apple Tree

What happened when I put the hammock under the apple tree.

It was 98 degrees at the 'stead Tuesday afternoon, and me without air conditioning.  I moved slowly, took a lot of breaks, hydrated well, and finally finished and got the sliding barn door hung.

The sliding track is level - but the shed is crooked!  Never fear, the door completely covers the opening (the top piece behind the door is painted dark green and is not visible here).  It works!  I need to make a few tweaks and finish painting it, but it's mostly good.


  1. Nice job, Jordan! Do you make house calls?

  2. I'm always impressed by your perseverance!

  3. Well done, Jordan. :>) I've always wanted one of those - need a barn or outbuilding first. You make things happen 'round there.

  4. yep, now you did such a good job that EVERYONE is going to want you to come over and put THEIR doors on!

  5. Hey Conny - you may *think* you need a barn first, but Kim at
    has put barn doors in her new old-style house. They're gorgeous! For a barn door, that is.

    It was easier than I expected - but time will tell if it ages well...