Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Emergency Contact

Here's an idea I saw posted on the wall at the Fire Dept.

Make it easy for emergency responders to know who to call if you get into an accident and are hurt.  They may look through contacts on your mobile phone for "Mom," or "Dad," or any useful number to notify someone.

Add an entry into your mobile address book titled ICE (In Case of Emergency) and attach the number you want.

What I've done is add to the end of one of my contacts (Mom) a dash and then "Emergency Contact."  Maybe eventually I'll find someone local.

I feel safer already!

1 comment:

  1. bravo! creating an ICE contact is a simple and easy way to assure your family will be spared needless suffering, if something were to happen to you! Don't forget to add important medical info into that ICE contact. It speaks for you when you can't.
    I think the ICE concept is so powerful, that I named my company and product for it. check it out at ice-qube.com.